Vassilis “Bilos” Manthopoulos

Visual Artist


In what ways are contemporary cities evolving, and what is our evolving urban experience? Does public mural art have a role beyond just enhancing the aesthetics of cities? Can the expression of individual identity contribute to the resilience of society?

Vassilis ‘Bilos” Manthopoulos, a Visual Artist, comes to TEDxPatras 2023 to talk about connecting communities through the art of murals.

About the Speaker

Vassilis ‘Bilos” Manthopoulos was born and raised in Patras. He studied at the Technical University of Patras, Civil Infrastructure Engineering and continued his studies at Norwich University of the Arts in England, where he obtained an MA in Communication Design, Distinction.

At the age of twelve, he became engaged in graffiti and his interest in public art began. Since 2009 he has been professionally involved in mural painting and illustration.

He actively exhibits his works in Greece and abroad and his murals can be found in several European cities.

He lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria with his wife and their two sons.

🎙️ This talk will be delivered in English.