Tasos Karantakos

Documentary Filmmaker, Founder of "Unseen Voices"


In an ever-evolving and, despite its technological advancement, increasingly disconnected world, it sometimes can be hard to find a connection within you and those around you. A series of examples of people with totally different backgrounds, interacting in often unusual circumstances, will show you why people in every corner of the globe are more inclined to help you than you thought they were and perhaps restore your hope in humanity in the process.

About the Speaker

Tasos Karantakos is a documentary filmmaker from Greece who for the past 4 years has been travelling around the world documenting its most unexplored, often dangerous, stories including: The war in Ukraine, Overfishing in Mexico, Remote tribes in West Myanmar, Alleged Witch Camps in Ghana, Pakistan’s Gun Markets, Indonesia’s Air Pollution, and many more.

It all started in November 2019, when he bought a one-way ticket to SouthEast Asia with just a camera in his hands and the goal of finding his creative voice that seemed to be hard to express in Greece, visiting countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore. That trip was a landmark in his later career as that’s where his first-ever expedition took place. Fast forward to a year later, he head over to Mexico. A few months later, in early 2022, he returned to Europe to cover the War in Ukraine on three separate occasions. All these projects led him to the creation of “Unseen Voices” in January 2023, a project aiming to “Give Voice to 100 Communities Around the World”. Since, he’s been to Ghana, Pakistan and Indonesia trying to do exactly that:  Give a voice to those that have no voice.

🎙️ This talk will be delivered in English.