Phyllis Gabriel

Writer, Strategic Optimist, and Founder, Growth Academy


What does “Bridging Within” mean? Why are we interested in Bridging Within? Is there a way to bridge inner with the outer and lead to coherence between ‘Being’ and the world around us?

Whether on an individual or collective level, what we all seem to crave deep down, is meaning, coherence and purpose.

It all begins and ends with our Self-awareness and Self-discovery.

Both are concepts that usually seem to be complex and difficult to put into practice.  Are they? Or do they involve practical steps that we can take on a daily level and turn them into tools that move us forward, while giving meaning and purpose to our lives and work?

One thing that can bridge the inside and the outside is to know how to experience life by asking three very specific questions.

Questions that help us create what we might affectionately call a ” Self Business Plan” that is the foundation for any form of meaningful development and growth. The one that leads to life by choice rather than reliance on chance.

These “bridges – questions” can lead to a better world, with our own self, as the starting point. Seemingly simple, but not easy to answer. Prerequisite: to see these questions, not as simple asking, but as a process and ongoing practice that leads to better and more effective choices and decisions.

About the Speaker

Phyllis is the co-creator of the first and independent Greek-language personal development podcast The Brain Hacking Academy and the founder of the personal development and self-awareness community Growth Academy. She is also the creator and editor of the newsletter Phyllis and the author of the book “The Secrets of Memory”.

With a background in Education and many years of teaching experience, she realized early that Learning, Self-Awareness and Personal Development are interconnected elements for our development. A journey of personal quest that turned into a professional journey based on people and their individual development. She studies, researches, writes, and constantly seeks ways to think and live better.

Her vision is to live in a world where people recognize their true potential and make the most of it. A world where human creativity and rational thinking work together to help individuals improve their lives, and with it the world they live in.

You can find her writing on her website and in the online community Growth Academy where she discusses, teaches, interviews, and shares her material with people seeking ways to create a balanced and better life.

🎙️ This talk will be delivered in Greek.