Ola Labib

Comedian, Writer, Actress


Why do we look at “Bridging Within”? Within ourselves, within our communities and within different societies? What are the components that are important to build these bridges?

We are told from a young age that these components consist of respect, giving back to communities and – integration. But do these components apply to all? Does it apply to diaspora who want to maintain their culture and traditions?

So the question is: Can you build bridges between different communities without integration or assimilation?

Ola talks about how she grew up believing that working in healthcare was the bridge between herself and other communities. But after 10 years of service and an error at work that could have put her career in jeopardy, Ola finds herself navigating uncharted waters into the comedy world which she found was the true bridge she was searching for.

About the Speaker

Ola Labib is one of the leading breakout comedians taking the UK comedy circuit by storm. Being the only black, Muslim, female Sudanese performing comedy in the UK, the talented artist offers a unique insight into her traditional African Islamic upbringing through comedy. On a mission to smash stereotypes, Ola has performed at leading comedy venues, including The Comedy Store, Hot Water and The Frog and Bucket and has appearances on shows, such as BBC’s Funny Festival Live, Yesterday, Today & The Day Before and The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan.

As a big fan of the industry heavyweights Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais, Ola takes inspiration from the legendary comedians in her performances and is mentored by the award-winning creator Danielle Scott-Haughton, who has helped her develop as a comedian.

In addition to her comedy work, Ola has made an appearance on the CBBC show The Dog Ate My Homework, she has contributed to documentary projects for Afromic and hosts the weekly online series ‘Would You Rather’, known for making even the most collected guests sweat from her animated and cheeky content.

🎙️ This talk will be delivered in English.