Foivos Delivorias

Singer & Songwriter


Foivos Delivorias takes the stage at TEDxPatras 2023, illuminating the magic of art and its interaction with the various facets of our daily lives. Art serves as an omnipotent canvas reflecting the complexity of human existence. It is a wondrous dialogue between heart and mind, a catalyst igniting deep thoughts and stimulating our social interactions. Art bridges cultures and generations, conveying ideas and values. Foivos Delivorias will share how art embodies contemplation and expression, exploring how it inspires, challenges, and unites us, simultaneously serving as a global language that communicates experiences, dreams, and aspirations.

About the Speaker

Fivos was born in Kallithea, Athens, in 1973. Having taken classical guitar lessons with Orfeas Peridis, in 1989, he presented his compositions to Manos Hadjidaki, leading to the release of his debut album, ‘THE PARADE,’ under the label ‘Sirios.’ Since then, he has consistently released albums that have firmly established him as one of the most significant Greek songwriters. His work is characterized by a distinct personal style, a unique and confessional lyricism, and a continuously evolving sound. Developing a songwriting language entirely on his own, he narrates everyday life with direct and poetic expressions, capturing the essence and history of his generation. He has become a pivotal figure in Greek music through timeless stories that resonate with all of us.” He is also responsible for a series of original and very successful live performances and concerts over the years, some of which he collaborated with important creators from various areas of Art. In the summer of 2017, he created the “Terrace of Phoebus”, a modern multi-spectacle that writes its own story on Athenian nights every summer.

🎙️ This talk will be delivered in Greek.