Elisabeth Calbari

Neuropsychologist, Executive NeuroLeadership Consultant Founder


Neuroscience profoundly influences trust, empathy, decision-making, and intuition in our everyday existence.

Elisabeth Calbari, a neuropsychologist and Executive Neuroleadership Consultant consultant, joins TEDxPatras 2023 to unravel the influence of emotions, revealing how they can be effectively utilized for enhanced comprehension, deeper connections, and greater success.

About the Speaker

Elisabeth Calbari (MISCP) is a neuropsychologist, executive neuroleadership consultant and keynote speaker focusing on the brain as well as the psychological and behavioural aspects that influence and transform our performance in a variety of settings.

Elisabeth focuses on self-improvement and culture change programs that lead to enhanced performance, focus, resilience and emotional control while she is an award-winning program designer with an expertise in combining the neurosciences, psychology and leadership development. In her over 20 years of experience, Elisabeth has built up a clientele of primarily multinational corporations comprising players from heavy industry sectors, banking and shipping as well as the healthcare, pharmaceutical and the retail sectors. Leaders and executives learn how to optimise motivation, to cultivate self-awareness, control emotions and stability under pressure and peak stress.

Elisabeth is the founder of Self Balance, a learning and development solutions company using evidence-based tools with real time biometric devices that engineer corporate growth on the basis of tailor made neuroscience-based programs. Self Balance’s mission is to promote and foster individual and organisational effectiveness by unleashing the human potential, while enabling both individuals and organisations to change at the core.

🎙️ This talk will be delivered in Greek.