Stelios Tsoukias and Band

Singer & Songwriter


Stelios Tsoukias was born in Athens and grew up in Exarchia. He studied Statistics and Mathematics in Samos and completed his postgraduate studies in Applied Economics and Finance at the Athens University of Economics and Business. For more than 5 years, he lived in London and continued to live between two countries, resulting in exposure to different cultures.

Accusatory, Dionysian, ‘sentimentalist’, and socially restless, he has performed a series of successful concerts, carrying with him two albums, AGIOS PSEFTIS (2019) and KOITAZO EXO (2023), with songs that have already been loved by audiences throughout Greece, where emotions, experiences, and ideas are intertwined with fresh sounds.

Stelios Tsoukias is coming to TEDxPatras 2023 along with Iasonas Economou (bass) and Thanos Stavridis (accordion).

Blues embraces tradition, contemporary Greek songwriting meets American folk, and denunciation intertwines with eroticism, through the electricity of a band that will stir us up.