We’ll be guided by dreamers, inventors and creatives. Makers, shakers and visionary thinkers. Adventurers and change-makers. Come explore with us!

University of Patras
Conference & Cultural Centre

9th of December 2023

In a world defined by divisions and boundaries, there is a single word of extraordinary power: ‘bridging’. It has the power to connect, creating pathways that lead us to new horizons. But when we enrich it with the essence of ‘within’, something truly deeper happens. An essential journey of discovery begins, where we become aware of the connections we all fit into.

‘Bridging Within’ is a call to effective action. It urges us to venture beyond our safety zone and explore uncharted territories by analyzing the complex web of links that surrounds us. Within these connections lies the key to unlocking our true potential as we shatter the illusions of mental boundaries and harness the immense power of human communication.

‘Bridging Within’ extends far beyond personal growth.

It reaches into the challenges that our entire world faces. Whether in technology, education, human relations, or entertainment, it acts as a beacon of hope. It unites visionaries and creators who push the boundaries and who strongly believe in the power of determination and hard work.

Together, we look within ourselves, our communities and our world to discover innovative solutions. We seek to bridge the gaps that divide us, shaping a more cohesive and balanced future.

At TEDxPatras 2023, we will immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of like-minded individuals, where inspiration and ideas converge. We will explore, connect and activate the infinite possibilities of ‘Bridging Within’.

Come and be part of TEDxPatras 2023, where the power of Bridging Within awaits.


A full day of ideas and connections

Your TEDx Experience

Embark on a 12-hour voyage of vibrancy, exhilaration, passion, and innovation. Immerse in three power-packed sessions, carefully curated workshops, and intimate fireside chats. Seize moments to connect, converse, and celebrate. Together, let's turn the day into a memorable fusion of ideas and activate the extraordinary!

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Discover more about the inspiring ensemble of speakers bringing you groundbreaking ideas, transformative journeys, and life-altering narratives at TEDxPatras 2023.

10:00Registration & Breakfast

11:10Doors Open

11:30Opening & Welcome

11:45Music School of Patras

12:05Yiannis Sarakatsanis

12:20Phyllis Gabriel

🎙️ GR

12:40Vasilis "Bilos" Manthopoulos

🎙️ EN

13:00Anne Kathrine Overgaard & Thomas Kaarsted

🎙️ EN

13:20Lunch - IDEAS BREAK A'

15:30Michael Petychakis

🎙️ EN

15:50Martin Koehring

🎙️ EN

16:10Thomai Gklarou-Stavropoulou

🎙️ GR

16:30Tasos Karantakos

🎙️ EN


19:00Stelios Tsoukias and Band

19:20Foivos Delivorias

🎙️ GR

19:40Elisabeth Calbari

🎙️ GR

20:00Ola Labib

🎙️ EN

20:30Closing - Food & Drinks


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Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras

University Campus, GR 265 04 Patras

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TEDxPatras is the leading platform for ideas, creativity and innovation in Western Greece. It aims to highlight and promote the idea of TED to the regions's audience. TEDxPatras is organized by a team of volunteers whose aim is to create experiences that can alter, improve and enhance the way of thinking of both their peers and the society they live in.

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